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"He leads me beside still waters..." 
Psalm 23:2

Christian spiritual direction by appointment in the Harrisonburg, Virginia area

Offering prayerful, biblically based companionship on the spiritual journey with Christ



       Listening attentively together for the voice of God

"People who choose spiritual direction do so because they want to pay closer attention to their relationship with God...Typical spiritual direction questions are "Where is God in this?" or "Where has God gone and why don't I sense any divine presence at all?" or "How am I being called to be Christlike?"

                              - Jeannette A. Bakke, Holy Invitations

What is Spiritual Direction like?  

       Spiritual direction provides a quiet space where we can slow down, take stock of what's happening in life, and tune into God's presence.  Monthly sessions are one-on-one, and last one hour.   Our time together may begin with some chatting, and then a few quiet moments to let the rush of the week begin listening for the Holy Spirit's voice.  

       A short passage of scripture can open our hearts.  We listen, we hear it again...what do we notice as we hear these words?

       And're invited to just talk about your reflect out loud on your circumstances without be heard and understood.  Does God seem present or absent in your life?  What are you longing for?  What disappointments have happened in your spiritual life?  Where do you need hope as you face your challenges?  

      The goal of a spiritual direction session is to open our hearts to Christ.  To listen deeply.  To be with Him, because that is where insight and healing reside.  What would He want you to know about your life and how He feels about you?  

       As the session concludes, there is an invitation to just rest in God's embrace, as a dearly loved child. 

      Spiritual direction addresses problems in the Christian life: trouble with prayer, doubt, difficult passages in the Bible, and things that come between us and God.   Those times when God seems to have packed up and left.  


        My training for spiritual direction includes a 2 yr certificate in Spiritual Direction (Selah Spiritual Direction, LTI), Level II Healing Prayer training (Christian Healing Ministries), graduate courses in dreams, trauma, and spiritual growth, B.A. in psychology, and 17 years experience mentoring/discipling/leading retreats. Currently I am enrolled in a graduate pastoral counseling program.

        One-hour sessions are available in person, on the phone, and online.  Contact me via the email address below; normally I can respond within 24 hours.  I would love to hear from you and listen to your story.  You are deeply loved by God!

"I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope."  Psalm 103:5

 One-hour monthly appointments are available by emailing      




Celah Pence

Harrisonburg, VA, USA


  • Sabbath Healing Retreat, October 25-27, 2019

​        Smith Mountain Lake, VA

  • Sabbath Healing Retreat, March 28, 2020

        Mount Clinton, VA​ 

  • Watch for upcoming retreats

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